Ways To Get Rid Of Moles At Home

types of moles
Moles, scientifically referred to as melanocytic naevi are usually benign which means they are non-cancerous. They are skin lesions that can appear anywhere on the body. Moles can be in variations on brown in color and most of the times black. Usually moles are alone but can sometimes be in small clusters. The texture of the mole depend from person to person. Some have it smooth while it can be coarse to touch for others. Some mole are flat on the skin and some are raised with hair in them.

The Development of Moles

Moles develop when a type of skin cells (melanocytes) which give us our skin color grow in clusters than being uniformly distributed. This is the reason why moles are darker than the surrounding skin. Usually triggered by hormonal changes throughout our lives caused by teen age, pregnancy and sunlight.

Ways To Remove Moles At Home

  • Baking Soda and Castor Oil

baking soda mole removalBaking soda and castor oil are used in many other treatments. These two ingredients mixed together can create a slow but effective remedy for mole removal. Castor oil is known to have the ability to disperse pathological growth (discutient) which makes this remedy successful. You will be left with no scar with this treatment.

This is how to proceed:
 - 1 teaspoon of baking soda
 - 3-4 drops of castor oil
 - mix into a paste
 - apply on mole (preferably at night)
 - hold in place with adhesive bandage
 - Take off and wash in the morning
 - Repeat procedure every night

This method should get rid of your moles in about a month. This remedy should not be used for more than a month.

  • Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil mole removalTea tree oil works best on raised moles with hair on them. With its anti bacterial properties, tea tree oil will protect the mole from having other infections during the treatment. Some people can be sensitive to tea tree oil. You may want to try it on your hand for a night and see if it doesn't sting, burning or cause any other discomfort.

Applying tea tree oil is easy, here is how:
 - get a drop of tea tree oil on a q-tip
 - apply / rub on mole
 - cover the area with band-aid
 - leave for an hour
 - wash with warm water
 - repeat twice daily for a month

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar  mole removalApple Cider Vinegar works by slowly burning moles, causing them to scab and fall off. Other than being a strong natural acid, apple cider vinegar also has anti-bacterial properties which protect moles from any other infections during the treatment.

Before you use this treatment, you will need to make sure you can support apple cider vinegar on your skin as it is very strong. Apply a little bit on the top of your hand and leave for some time. If it stings, burns or causes discomfort then this treatment is not for you.

If you can handle apple cider vinegar, here's how to proceed:
 - dip a cotton ball or piece of fabric in apple cider vinegar
 - put on your mole
 - hold in place with band-aid or adhesive bandage depending on the size of your mole
 - leave overnight
 - remove and rinse with warm water
 - repeat for two weeks

This method should get rid of your mole in about ten days. If your mole doesn't seem to be affected by this treatment, you may rub your mole with a pumice stone before applying apple cider vinegar. This might be a bit painful since you will be removing a thin layer of the top skin. But this should allow the mole to burn faster.

  • Garlic

garlic mole removalAs simple as this sounds, you can use garlic to get rid of moles. Garlic contains enzymes that break down the 'malfunctioning' cell structures that get together to create moles. For this treatment you will just need a garlic clove, in fact just a slice of garlic. Here is how to apply:

 - put the slice of the mole
 - hold in place with band-aid
 - leave overnight
 - rinse with warm water in the morning

Garlic can sting the skin a little bit but in a day or two you will get used to it. Repeat the treatment every night. You should get results in a few weeks.

  • Banana Peels

banana peels mole removalWe usually just throw away banana peels not knowing all the remedial sides that they have. For best results using this treatment you will need the peel of a ripe banana, that is the ones which turned dark or getting black.

What you need to do is cut a piece of the peel and apply as follows:

 - place the inside of the peel on the mole (the 'smooth' side facing up)
 - hold in place with band-aid or adhesive bandage 
 - repeat daily

Your mole will start fading in a few weeks, continue the treatment till your mole completely goes away.

  • Iodine Solution

iodine mole removalIodine triggers cell death and work marvels against moles. You should get iodine pretty easy from your local drugstore. Before you use this method, make sure you wash the affected area with warm water. Dry the skin well before applying iodine. Here's how you should proceed:

 - gently scrub the surface of the mole with a pumice stone
 -  apply petroleum jelly or any skin cream you use to the surrounding area
 - put a drop of iodine solution on the mole
 - leave to dry
 - cover the area with and-aid or adhesive bandage
 - repeat daily

This method should get rid of your mole pretty rapidly if the mole is not too big in size. Works best on flat moles.

  • Aloe Vera

aloe vera mole removalAloe vera is anti-bacterial. One of the reason to use aloe vera is because it is a cure for almost everything. It is also very soothing. Using aloe vera to get rid of moles is very simple. The only downside of this treatment is that you'll need aloe leaves and these are not available everywhere. Proceed as follows:

 - cut the leaf and scrape the get with a spoon
 - apply the get on the mole with a q-tip
 - hold in place with and-aid or adhesive bandage
 - leave for three hours
 - repeat two times daily

This method should get rid of your mole in not more than a month.

  • Flaxseed Oil and Honey
flaxseed oil and honey mole removalThis method works best against raised moles. Usually these moles have hair growing on them. The reason why we use honey with this method is because of its anti-bacterial and scar removal properties. This mixture will from on the mole from the edges, shrinking it and eventually fading away.

You will need ground flaxseed powder, flaxseed oil and honey. Proceed this way:

 - make sure the affected area is clean and dry
 - mix the three ingredients to make a paste
 - apply on the mole
 - hold in place with and-aid or adhesive bandage
 - leave for an hour and rinse with warm water
 - repeat two times per day

This treatment should start showing results within a week.

There are some moles that are more 'aggressive' than others, which means they just won't go away the easy route. There are some proven techniques that actually get rid of moles within three days but this is up to you to decide. You can find the miracle cure here.